Other Smart Devices

There are plenty of smart home devices available in the market. While this is not a comprehensive list of them, it gives you some great ideas to increase your home convenience, safety, and security.

smart lock

Smart lock

This allows you to lock and unlock your door remotely. It’s a great addition to your smart home, specially as a component of your security system.


Smart camera

Another vital component of your smart security system. This can be an indoor or outdoor camera that triggers other smart home routines.


Smart thermostat

Using smart thermostat, you can remotely control the temperature of your home using a mobile, tablet, or daily smart home routines.

smart button

Smart button

This is a very handy device in your smart home that allows you to trigger different actions using single press, double press, or long press.

wall switch

Smart wall switch

If it’s not convenient to replace your traditional light bulbs with smart ones, smart wall switch is the solution.


Smart dimmer switch

Besides turning your light on and off, smart dimmer switch also controls your light brightness for an amazing lighting experience.

gas detector

Smart gas detector

This can be installed and integrated into your smart home system for safer home. You can detect and action gas leaks in your home using smart gas detectors.

smart curtain

Smart curtain

Control your curtains using smart curtain devices. Set different routines at different times to control the lighting to your rooms.

smart water valve

Smart water valve

This is a great safety device. it can protect your home from sever water damage when integrated with water leak sensors.