Smart Lighting

Meet your new, colourful home

How to choose your smart bulbs?

There are different types of smart bulbs available in the market. They have different characteristics that you should consider before deciding which one you buy. Choosing the correct bulbs should help you have a trouble-free implementation of your smart lighting.

Wireless protocols

Smart bulbs communicate via different wireless protocols. The most famous ones are WiFi, Zigbee, and Z-Wave. The main difference is that Zigbee and Z-Wave require a controller (also called hub, bridge, or gateway), while WiFi doesn’t need one. While it’s intuitive that requiring another component (the controller) to operate your bulb adds cost, the controller adds unlimited capabilities to your smart lighting.

Bulb colours

Light bulbs come in different types; White, White Tunable, or Colour. White bulbs are the cheapest of the three types. As the name implies, they give you white light. White Tunable bulbs can light in both white or warm white and any light temperature between these two ends of the spectrum. They are a great option to change your room mode when needed. Finally, Colour bulbs are the most enjoyable option to shine in your home. They light in up to 16 million different colours that give you an incredible lighting experience.

Bulb socket

Smart bulbs have different socket types. The most common types are B22, E27, E14, and GU10. You need to check your existing socket type at your home before purchasing your smart bulbs, not ending with a problem fitting them. It’s worth mentioning that not all smart light brands have all types available.