Smart Speakers

Talk to your home

While smart speakers are not mandatory in your smart home, they add fun to it. They complete the luxurious experience of your smart home. Smart speakers allow you to control your smart home devices using your voice. But aside from that, they are multi-functional devices that enable you to do other cool things such as playing music, checking the weather, recording your shopping list, making calls, and many other exciting activities.

How to choose your smart speaker?

When comparing different smart speakers currently available in the market, differences mostly come down to sound quality, price, and compatibility with your chosen smart hub. Amazon, Google, Apple, and Sonos produce the most popular smart speakers you can buy today. They are high quality, reliable speakers that proved themselves in the market.


Amazon is a big player in the smart speaker’s market and has competent speakers with the broadest range of different models. Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Show, and Echo Studio are different options you can choose from in the market. With various models come different prices, making it affordable to get your smart speaker from Amazon in every room of your home. The sound quality of Amazon Echo devices is excellent, especially for models such as the powerful Echo Studio, which has gigantic sound.


Another giant in the market. Google has great smart speakers with great design. Google Home, Home Mini, Nest, Nest Mini, and Home Max are excellent options to choose from to have a smart speaker in your home. Google smart speakers have the right balance between features, sound quality, and price. If you are after audio quality, Google Home Max has the best quality of all Google’s other speakers. It also introduced the “Mini” version of its speakers at even lower prices with the same Google assistant capabilities to make it even more affordable.


Sonos is very famous for its high quality, sophisticated speakers. Sonos One is a powerful smart speaker with built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant that allows you to control your smart home with your favourite voice assistance. As Sonos focuses on your sound experience, it has an extended product line that includes Sonos Five, Move, Sub, Beam, and many other sound speakers. The downside of the Sonos is the price. It has a higher price than both Amazon and Google. But if sound quality is a vital option for you, you should consider having one of these premium quality speakers at your home.


With its HomePod and HomePod Mini smart speakers, Apple has good presence in the smart speaker’s market with an excellent sound quality to satisfy Apple fans. Similar to Sonos, Apple HomePod speakers are pricey compared to Amazon and Google. They also don’t integrate out-of-the-box with most of the available smart hubs in the market. That may be challenging when you have other non-Apple devices at your home.